Auraco, Inc. is no longer in business, it was a branch out of
CareFree Enzymes offering all the same products and more.

About Us

We employee U.S. workers and manufacture all of our great enzyme products here in the U.S.A.

Because of our fine distributors, we ship our enzyme products to all 50 States & abroad to reach valued customers around the world!

We have built our name since 1995 as the trusted manufacturer of natural enzyme products. We have a range of products for the: Outdoor Birding, Water Garden, Home/Pet, & livestock industries. Our enzyme products are Eco-friendly and safe for pets, livestock and wildlife. Currently, there are no products on the market which are as strong or safe as CareFree Enzymes.

Our product lines are like no other. Each of our products is a unique blend of Natural Enzymes which fulfill a specific need for our customers. Before we ever take a product to market, we do thorough R&D testing which often takes years to perfect. We do this so that ALL of our products achieve 100% customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on making products that are safe, & affordable while also working exactly how they are intended to.

Nothing is better, safer, or as cost effective as our enzyme products.

Our products are 99% organic. Sadly, the preservatives we use (which allow our products an extended shelf life) are synthetic. The use of these preservatives is not recognized as organic by OMRI . Although we are not certified as organic, we use ONLY food-grade ingredients in ALL of our products.

Give us a try & discover the world of enzymes!

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