Auraco, Inc. is no longer in business, it was a branch out of
CareFree Enzymes offering all the same products and more.

Easily Cleanup…

  • Mold & Dirt
  • Ammonia Odor
  • Urine & Feces
  • Effective on Concrete, Wood, Grass
  • Safe For Grass, Pets & Children
  • Easy To Use, Bottle Attaches Directly To Hose

Urine odor contains ammonia which can be very harmful to an animals immune system. Weekly removal of urine odors will provide a much healthier living environment. Cage Blast easily cleans up mold, dirt, ammonia odor, urine and feces. Effective on concrete, wood and grass. 1 concentrated 32 fl. oz. bottle will make around 16 gallons of ready to use product. Available in 32 fl. oz concentrate and 32 fl. oz. Hose-End Sprayer Bottle.


Where to Buy

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