Auraco, Inc. is no longer in business, it was a branch out of
CareFree Enzymes offering all the same products and more.

Biological Builder…

  • Preps New Pond Water
  • Starts Pond Water in Spring
  • Microbe Builder


  • Ammonia/Nitrates
  • Sludge

Bacteria cannot fully take away pond problems on its own because the contaminants are too large for the bacteria to absorb. This is why our protein based enzymes (Eco-Boost) are so important. Eco-Builder breaks down sludge, ammonia and cloudy water when used alone, however once the bacteria become ‘full’, it will stop working. Eco-Boost helps the bacteria become active again and keep it working form a much longer period of time.  Available in 16 fl. oz. and 32 fl. oz. Also available in a 40 oz. dry mixture.

Where to Buy

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