Auraco, Inc. is no longer in business, it was a branch out of
CareFree Enzymes offering all the same products and more.

What Are They?

Specialized Protein Configuration Products (SPC’s)

Surfactants - Care Free Enzymes INC

Surfactants ,
(reduce surface tension)


Nutrients - Care Free Enzymes INC

(feed bacteria)

Stabilizers - Care Free Enzymes INC

(keep enzymes from activating too soon)

SPC’s do not contain bacteria, nor are they biocides/pesticides.

How Do They Work?

  • They work much like a can-opener. They help open up (break down) hydrocarbon chains.
  • SPC’s reduce biomass discharge over enzyme products by almost 30%.
  • Bacteria (indigenous and/or supplemented) consume the parts.
  • SPC’s are not consumed but do breakdown over time.
  • SPC’s continue working on hydrocarbon chains.

Bacteria do 2 main things: eat and reproduce. Typically,  bacteria take between 4 and 48 hours to start breaking down hydrocarbons. By giving bacteria energy (nutrients) and chewing their food for them (with SPC’s), both jobs are made significantly easier. Therefore, the bacteria are allowed to work much faster.

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